Saturday, February 04, 2012

How the Journey Started

Our present missions journey actually began in 2000 when we returned from a short-term international outreach. Anyone who has been on a short-term missions trip knows how absolutely messed up you are when you get home. Right?

Yet after we got through our re-entry adjustments and returned to our work-a-day world, we knew God had dropped a vision in our hearts for more missions work in the future. It wasn't something God was leading us to do immediately, but we knew we would one day be going more and serving longer.

We had no idea what this would actually look like or when this would come into reality, but it became a part of our long-range life goals, and the desire burned in our hearts from that day on.

In the natural, we love everything about the process of building. We love the smell of freshly cut lumber, the mustiness of curing concrete, and the overall sounds of a busy work site... these are the fragrances and melodies that accented our day-to-day life. It was no surprise that God birthed a vision for kingdom service that spoke to us in the language of our everyday life.

  • Building the body of Christ through discipleship
  • Building spiritual foundations through bible study, prayer and worship
  • Building up others already serving by sharing their ministry burden
  • Building as a service of practical helps to established ministries and for outreach purposes

Then, came a season where we watched as the vision God gave us seemed to disappear under the avalanche of  life imploding all around us. Yet even then, God confirmed through prophetic words from three specific God-fearing people as well as reassurance from His Word -- that He hadn't forgotten about what He had placed in our hearts so many years ago, that He was with us each step and that our job was to keep trusting Him and His timing no matter how things looked at the time.

Today, several years later, as we prepare to step out in faith on this new journey in global outreach, we go fully confident in the Lord, our God -- the One True God -- who has proven himself over and over and over again.

Simply serving,
Rod & De 

Ephesians 1:17-19