Friday, March 13, 2015

Some Little Surprises This Month

A team of visiting nursing students spent a week at the hospital working alongside the medical and surgical staff. It's always a treat to meet new friends and fellow-believers with a heart for sharing God's love and using their vocational giftings to minister that reality. Some of us (eh-hem) are still recuperating after such a high-energy week keeping pace with all that youthful vibe.

On Outreach, half of the students went with us to a village three hours away for the first installation of interior doors for that village's medical clinic. The other half of the team went with us to our bi-weekly village outreach and helped a partnering missionary weigh and measure all the students for the 2015 nutrition supplement program.

The Literacy Project has already expanded to include the 2nd graders. We were really encouraged to see several students starting to write a sentence or two on their own to their pen pal, instead of just the dictated response the teacher prompts them with. While De worked with the students, we guys visited with the mayor and a couple of other men, and discovered their desire to put a concrete floor in the school's cook shack, and to build a concrete block half-wall to keep animals out. This weekend we'll take materials back out to help with this project. We are encouraged by the opportunity that opened up with the men of the village.

In ministry this past month -- There's always a big waiting line in the school yard during the nutrition  distribution program, so De went prepared to share a bible story with the kids. A few minutes into it she realized that while the littlest ones and some of the women didn't understand Spanish, one of the mamas standing nearby was translating the story to K'ek'chi as she read. How awesome is that? 

Thank you to all of our supporters and to those who have sent special gifts over this past month. We are so encouraged by your faithfulness to partner with us in what God is doing here.

Simply Serving,
Rod & De Ishmael
Petén, Guatemala

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