Saturday, May 11, 2013

Many Hands: As Unto The Lord

Phase One is DONE! For real! Two weeks ahead of targeted deadline and just in time for patient use. If you're just tuning in here, Rod scheduled the remaining scope of work on the construction expansion project by phases with PhaseOne encompassing the administrative offices, waiting room, 2nd Floor main hallways and ceilings, two Private patient rooms, the Lab, public  bathrooms, storage room and 2nd floor kitchenette - areas that received the hands-on help of several visiting teams in recent months. IT'S REALLY DONE!  And already in use.

(Huge shout out to:  The Coblentz plumbing team; The Millwood team; Gary & Tiffany Morrison; Russ & Vicky Johnson; Pastor Dave Masters & team as well as members of the hospital maintenance crew, local sub-contractors, Shalom missionaries, plus so many others who have given resources to make this reality possible.)

Now on to Phase TWO.

Work in Phase Two includes patient rooms and the NICU ward and nursery, as well as the patient ramp. The ramp exterior walls are completely closed in now. Currently awaiting exterior stucco-type finish. The interior walls sport freshly patched masonry and primer coat paint, with floor tile installed as far as the electrical room, and Rod, Nelson and Walter installing ceiling grid and tile as I type. 

Phase Three encompasses completion of the great hall and nurses station, as well as the rooms along the south (?) left side of the building. Locally contracted drywall workers have already started on the nurses station to jump-start Phase Three, so since they hopped in on that... Here's a sneak peak...

So, for those of you who have been here before, what do you think? Exciting to see the progress, huh!? And even more exciting when you see first-hand the direct impact this progress means for people who need the medical care and services provided through the ministry of Hospital Shalom, like this dear lady. She received the benefits of the newly opened wing, visits and prayer from the ministry staff,  and one of the first ever HD Laparascopy surgeries ever performed in the Petén.

Some hands did this in the name of Jesus...

So other hands could do this in the name of Jesus...

Each one doing their part. Each one serving as unto The Lord. 

We can't say it enough, THANK YOU for responding to God's heart for the people of the Petén, Guatemala, and for adding your hands to the work here by your faithful prayer and support. 

Simply serving,
Rod & De Ishmael


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