Thursday, July 11, 2013

Patient Sponsored Surgery Report

Sponsored Surgery Patient

Salvador came through his amputation surgery well. Praise God! The amputation had to be postponed three times, but it finally happened the first week of July. Even though the gangrene did quite a bit of damage to his bones, if all continues to heal and progress well he will be eligible for a prosthesis in the upcoming prosthetics outreach September 15th.


Salvador is deeply grateful for what you have done for him and his family through your generous special gifts designated to help with this surgery.

Thank you for responding to God’s heart with your regular monthly support, and for those of you who gave specifically to his need. This surgery would not have happened without your help. And without that surgery, he wouldn’t be on the road to healing and wholeness. To restoration and productivity.

You are each one a part of what God purposes to do in and through this one life. Please pray for God to continue to work in his heart, and for whomever his life will touch. Our God never ceases to amaze us with all that He does… far beyond what we can ask or think. Isn’t He just awesome!


Simply serving,

Rod & De

Ephesians 3:20-21

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