Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Ixcan Bible Students Graduated

Ministry outreach continues into the region of Ixcan in central Guatemala  (green circled area).

The Ixcan Bible College, under direction of Brother Roduel, graduated 23 students -- pastors, youth leaders, women's and children's ministry workers -- who all live and work daily in this rural region. Some are community leaders, some are paid pastors. But most minister free-gratis and work day jobs, maintain households or subsist. All of them have a hungering heart to grow in God themselves and to disciple the people of their remote villages.

The class, which studies in a simple block building up in the jungle, made the 10 hour trip to the campus of the Guatemalan Bible Seminary in Chimaltenango for the ceremony. The dean and staff did an amazing job honoring the students with music and an inspiring keynote address. The ministry Juntos, that we currently work with, sponsored the reception afterward. Bro. Roduel  -- himself a former graduate of the Seminary --  was overcome with emotion to see his heart-vision come to pass, and we were so thrilled to get to share that day with him.

Most of the students paid their own way, which was a tremendous financial investment on their part. Three students simply did not have the means, but because of your financial support, we were blessed to sponsor them to make the trip so they could receive the public recognition of their calling and the official certification of their ministry preparation along with the rest of the class. You made this possible.

THANK YOU!! God is faithful always, and we are grateful and humbled to continue on your behalf...

Simply Serving,
Rod and De Ishmael

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