Sunday, October 14, 2012

Are You Ready?

God has been working in our hearts about the need to be ready. Ready to speak as He leads. Ready to hear from His heart and to give out from what He deposits. Ready to respond regardless of how insignificant the action may seem at the time. Ready to serve.
We appreciate your prayers and faithful support as we tended to much preparation this past month in both the day-to-day activities of life, and for upcoming ministry opportunities.
Preparations for ministry and service. . .
Getting the surgical suites ready for incoming teams. Both OR's had to be completely disassembled, all the machines deep cleaned and sterilized, walls washed down and then epoxy-painted. They look amazing! Just in time for the surgical team that arrived 29-Sept. 
  • Inventory medical supplies for the mobile medical clinic outreach in October.
  • Inventory the prosthetics supplies in preparation for the incoming prosthetics team that arrives early November.  
  • Completing some basic first-aid training.
  • Getting moved into our apartment and setting up "house."
Ministry in action. . .
Rod: I'm working with nationals daily in the construction areas, establishing relationships with them and getting to know more about their families and their personal lives. Each of these men are ones that God has placed in my path, and I sure need my language skills to improve rapidly so whatever God puts on my heart to share with them can be communicated effectively.
  • The construction project on the second floor is progressing steadily with the offices completed, electrical run for the Phase One patient wards, drywall being finished and plumbing roughed in. 
  • De: I am helping with multiple administrative tasks, and one of my jobs allows me opportunity to visit with patients on a regular basis. I assemble basic hygiene kits for all in-patients, as well as gift bags for new moms and babies. I get to meet all of our in-patients through this assignment, and loved the opportunities this past month to read scripture to some of the women in the wards, and to pray with them. Along with each hygiene kit we also give the "Amazing Gospel" booklet that your contributions provided. The patients L.O.V.E. them.
  • I am also currently heading up the asset inventory of all durable medical equipment for the hospital.
 Highlight moments this month . . .
Seeing the smile on this boy's face after his successful surgery to remove a webbed finger that resulted from burns after falling in an open fire when he was small. His hand will have much greater mobility now.
Child's burned hand pre-opchild's burned hand post-op

Celebrating new life and visiting with the moms and dads, as well as with other in-patients.
Helping lead worship (here with Dick & Mary Jo Crandall, and Tim Spurrier.

Prayer Points:
Our most urgent need: Please continue to pray that we quickly attain the language skill level needed to be effective in ministering to others we meet daily.
Please pray that we are sensitive to recognize the specific people God purposefully puts in our paths, and that we hear clearly what we are to say or do in these situations.
Pray for vision and direction for a scouting mission to a rural village (with a landing strip), scheduled for mid-October.
Simply serving…
Rod & De

If you would like to participate with us in what God is doing here in northern Guatemala, contributions may be sent to Crescent Lake Christian Center, 1250 Saint Louis Ave., Excelsior Springs, MO, 64024 Or, click HERE for Paypal options.