Friday, November 22, 2013

Good Stuff On the Menu

Back home it's the beauty of Fall weather with its dance of color, its courtship with frost and the delicious smell of damp decaying leaves lying helpless under a light blanket of mist. This is hands down, our favorite time of year as one season gives way to the vibrancy of the next, and holiday planning and menu ideas get in full swing.

Here in the place of unending summer, it's November 21st and we're still sloshing through the daily deluge, and embracing mud and moisture while deep-sniffing the line-dried laundry to find those borderline soured shirts that sneak up on you later! Even though the temps have changed ever so slightly, it's still muggy hot here most days which makes it difficult to grasp the reality that it's nippy back home and fast approaching Thanksgiving... YIKES!

That doesn't mean we haven't put some planning into the upcoming holiday. After all, the turkey is on ice. Sage and jellied (don't judge) cranberries secured, and a visiting team from Ohio was kind enough to bring in some cans of pumpkin and cherry pie filling to round out Thanksgiving dinner with some familiar resemblance of home. We are sharing our Thanksgiving meal with six of our Guatemalan friends, and this will be a first-time for some of them to sample the traditions. Should be fun!

Other items on the menu

Teaching ministry continues to develop with a local church we have been working with here. Rod is preparing another series for this start-up congregation, and has been meeting with the pastor regularly.  We look forward to encouraging them as they grow in The Lord.

Main Course:  
Second Campus Donated to Shalom. The organization we work with here in Guatemala recently received a donated property, which means a second campus for the ministry. These already-finished facilities will house the prosthetics department and the dental clinic as well as provide much needed space for staging all community outreach activities, their related administrative offices, and housing for all incoming teams. 2014 promises a lot for the entire Shalom team. Excitement. Stretch. Challenges. Growth. And the goodness of God in action, wouldn't you agree?

Hey, we will be in the states December 10 through end of January. 
Can't wait to fill up on some QT with our favorite little peeps. Also, while stateside we plan to gather all the paperwork needed for our residency visa applications, which is rather involved. So, please pray with us for a favorable process and timely turn-around of all items needed.

We can't say it enough... We love and appreciate you all, and we pray your holiday gatherings are graced with laughter, Spirit-filled joy, and the awesome gift of His settled presence in your midst. Thank you for faithfully and prayerfully joining with God's heart for Guatemala as together we continue...

Simply Serving,
Rod and De Ishmael 

Crescent Lake Christian Center, 1250 St. Louis Ave., Excelsior Springs, MO 64024

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