Friday, April 11, 2014

Hungry Minds and Hungry Hearts

A team of 28 of us travelled to a remote village in northern Guatemala yesterday to minister Christ's love in action. A school building got painted and windows got cleaned, while a game ... or two or three ... of fútbol entertained the children and parents alike. There were discarded water bottles turned into squirt-guns, and everywhere curious little hands that couldn't resist all that bright aqua-colored oil-base paint!

Our directors with New Covenant World Missions (NCWM) have been working for ten years to establish a trusting relationship with this specific settlement. There's a history of pain and tragedy over this village dating back to the years of the war, so by working initially to help meet the felt needs of the school children, God continues to give favor to pour out His love over this unreached community. 
The high-light of yesterday's trip was the kick-off of the Nutrition Supplement Program, under the direction of co-laboring minister, MaryBeth. Twice monthly students actively attending school will receive rice, beans, milk, oatmeal, oil, sugar, high-protein-drink powder, pasta, sauce, etc. Improving nutrition increases the potential for improved learning, and by focusing this program specifically on enrolled students, it encourages parents to keep their children in school.


Rod & I have personally carried a burden for this village ever since our 2012 short term team (STT) helped distribute school supplies and the Amazing Gospel comic books here... the same time that God clearly called us to come full-time to Guatemala. NCWM through Hospital Shalom has been back to this village several times with mobile medical clinics, and other project work to bless the people. When we got back in country after our recent residency-visa-paper-chase delay, and heard about all the developments coming together so quickly for ongoing work in this village in the coming year -- WOW!  We remembered what God impressed on our hearts about this village back in 2012:

"A Light is coming to [name withheld] and even now is on the horizon, 
though they do not yet comprehend it, the day will come
when they will see and fully know My Love and My Truth ..."

And now... N.O.W. ...  two times each month, the ministry team here will travel back out to visit the school, and check in on the families and the children. Developing personal relationships through which ministry can happen. All these hearts with a shared burden for one village. Who does that? Huh? *smile* 

God at work ... all around us ... all the time. 
(Luv, Luv, Luv it!)

I could talk about construction projects, transitions, the craziness of moving after just getting back in country, the hoards of hogs in the streets of our new barrio, the way roosters crow every hour 24/7, or our residency visa progress but let's just say, it's all good. Besides, who wants boring details. Right? 

So, a HUGE thank you once again for your prayers and financial support that truly make it possible for us to be here, representing your hearts for GOD's heart for the people of Guatemala. 

Simply Serving,
Rod & De Ishmael

Petén, Guatemala

Crescent Lake Christian Center, 1250 St. Louis Ave., Excelsior Springs, MO 64024

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One more thing ...
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