Saturday, July 30, 2016

Going with God

Moving is par for course on the mission field, but we have been blessed over the past four years to have only had to change residence four times. During this next season on the field we are concentrating on language studies, and we just completed our move to our new community of Jocotenango, just north of Antigua, and close to the school.

For those of you who like a good "treasure hunt" -- read on how God led us to the right place.

We started looking last April, using local Guatemalan realtors, and also on our own by just driving up to nicely kept, well-guarded properties and making inquiry. When we got back in country, we reconnected with the agent we used in April, and also with the language school who had assured us they had many leads.  -- That all led to a disappointing ZILCHO.

That's when the treasure hunt kicked in. 

Rod reminded me of a place we had found last spring on our own. (Clue#1) 
The name and contact numbers were the only ones that survived my recent phone crash. (Clue#2)
We called -- late on a Saturday afternoon, and a man actually answered the phone. (Clue#3)
He had two available properties he could show the following day. (Clue#4)
The first property he showed us was one he had shown us back in April... still sitting empty. (Clue#5)

But get this... that house wasn't the one. It didn't feel peaceable. But God was leading, and our conversations about the two properties helped the rep better understand what we were looking for. He then took us to a THIRD house he hadn't mentioned as available, and our Treasure hunt of sorts was soon over.

Monday was a holiday in Antigua, and all banks and most official offices were closed, yet the agent was able to set up an appointment to do our rental contract with a lawyer, and the rest is history.  (I'll post some house pics on Instagram: @deishmael.)

We had two days at the house to start settling in, and then hit the road 10 hours back up to Petén where we are finalizing business matters on our pick up and helping with a prosthetics clinic outreach this coming week. Going with God is always an adventure.

Please pray for the prosthetics team we are working with this week -- that all supplies pass through with no glitches -- and pray for all patients and their families who are coming. This is an amazing outreach opportunity to share Jesus with folks in need of the message of His hope and eternal life.

Thank you for letting us be your heart and hands to show Christ's love here in Guatemala as we continue...

Simply serving,
Rod & DeVonna Ishmael

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