Saturday, February 27, 2016

Miracles in the Making

In late February the first prosthetics outreach of 2016 was completed. It's always such a blessing to support the visiting team of professionals who do the intricately skilled work of fabricating hope for so many. It's one of our favorite outreach events because of the heart-connect point each team member has with the patients and their families and friends.

The youngest patient at this clinic was only 2 months old -- receiving some corrective supports to address a severe club foot condition. The oldest was in his 80's. This clinic was ripe with God's presence and many stories of victories He worked in people's lives.

Every patient has a unique story, but there's always a special client God seems to bring across your path. For me (De), that patient is Jenny. I connected with her last year when God literally orchestrated the contact at a street corner in our busy city where she often sits to beg from her wheelchair. As a bi-lateral-below-knee amputee, crippled since birth, Jenny never dreamed of having prosthetics. Soooo expensive!! But God showered her with His favor, and everyone working the outreach loved on her, telling her how God made this opportunity possible because He loves her that much! 

To her, receiving these costly limbs was the miracle. And I admit, seeing her stand for the first time and taking her first, labored steps had me choking back tears. But for me, watching God answer my prayer to "somehow connect with this woman" that I saw on the street 18 months ago in such despondent need -- that's a miracle in the making... one He continues to unfold. Please pray for the restorative work God is doing in each patients' life, but especially for Jenny and her family. 

We are so grateful for the visiting prosthetic professionals--  Brent, Meredith, Frank, Sara, and The Way of Hope missionaries Dick and MaryJo. It's such a privilege to get to help this team in whatever small way we can, and to watch God continue to work the miracle of wholeness and restoration through the resurrection power ofJesus Christ.

Simply Serving,
Rod & De Ishmael
Crescent Lake Christian Center
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