Tuesday, March 28, 2017

When Roadblocks Become Blessings

Last week we got to take two orphanage residents, some family members, and a social worker to required meetings in a distant city. The trip should have taken 4-5 hours each way. However, a roadblock and protest on a two-lane mountain road added what promised to be another five hours of travel time. But delays are normal here, and as much as you don't like the constant switch to plan B (or C, D or E) you roll with it as best you can.

What we soon learned, however, was that for one young lady in our group this trip meant the first time to get to see her mother in THIRTEEN YEARS. This delay was way more costly than just the inconvenience of changing plans. She was being robbed of irreplaceable moments. Yet not once did she complain or show impatience.

Talk about a lesson.

Her reaction modeled such beautiful godly character, while the reality of her personal loss stirred a deep compassion in our hearts. So, for HER sake we prayed for God to intervene. Not for the sake of a schedule or even for personal safety, but for the sake of her heart's cry to see God work in her family. 

Minutes later word came down the mountain that the roadblock we had been told would last until 4pm would clear by noon.

God is always at work to meet drastically different needs in individual lives all within the same situation. It's all about perspective -- HIS. If we truly believe what the bible says, that "we make our plans, but He directs our steps..."  then that roadblock in your life might be a gift of time to learn more about His heart for others.

Simply Serving,
Rod & De Ishmael

Thank you for your faithful support and prayer covering.

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