Thursday, May 31, 2012

UPDATE: Departure Date Set

Flights are booked! Thank you, Gloria & Shelley! We are set to return to Guatemala mid-August, and to the work God has called us to among the Mayan people groups.

This week we reviewed our arrival plans with a couple from our Guatemala ministry team, (The Ewings). It’s always helpful to get first-hand how-to’s from the seasoned pro’s. After talking with them, we changed our in-country travel plans.

Instead of taking a flight from Guatemala City to our ministry base, we plan to take the bus – a significantly cheaper but nine hour jostling jaunt by ground. However, the savings gained will help offset initial housing set-up costs, which easily justifies the extra travel time. Not to mention the wonderful, cultural experience, the chance to see the geophysical heart of the nation, and talk with other travelers en route.

Keep in mind, our language skills are very elementary. "TaxiNecesecito va  voy al terminal del autobus. Cuanto cuesta? (Will that work? Will we understand their resopnse?  -- ?? -- All part of the adventure.)

Some of you have asked why we are going for 90-days and then returning on brief furlough before beginning full-time service? Answer: This is what we have been asked to do by both our local church leadership team, and by the ministry team we are working with in Guatemala. It is part of our training process as we transition from lay ministry to full-time service abroad.

Another question that pops up frequently is how long will we be in Guatemala. Answer: Our term is "open ended." In other words, this is not a short-term or temporary step but a step of following God into full-time field service.

Here's a little more about what our first 90-day period in northern Guatemala will look like:
  1. cultural and language immersion, and language tutoring
  2. finding a furnished apartment or house (during first 2 weeks)
  3. ministry team integration & training for our specific roles
  4. familiarizing ourselves with the local modes of transportation
  5. learning to transact personal business on our own – in Spanish
  6. becoming acquainted w/our Guatemalan brothers & sisters in Christ at the local church we will attend. Services are in Spanish - no interpreter. (Awesome!)

We are so deeply grateful for your prayer covering and your generosity in financial support. Your response to God’s heart for the people of the Petén is what makes it possible for us to step out in faith and obedience to follow God. Because of your faithfulness, 90% of our required long-term monthly support has been pledge to date. Praise God! Many of you have also given one-time gifts and special offerings -- even anonymous monthly support pledges -- and God sees and will multiply the compassion of your heart as He ministers by His Holy Spirit to the people He desires to reach.

Thank you for joining us on the journey to share the message of hope through Jesus Christ.

Simply serving,
Rod & De

Prayer Points:
  • That we rapidly gain effective Spanish communication skills
  • For God to prepare the hearts of the ministry team
  • For God to prepare the hearts of the specific people He is sending us to help reach and disciple

To participate in what God is doing in Guatemala, click here:  eGIVING

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